When it comes to gaining and maintaining a patient base, marketing is important. By creating a professional campaign, you can build an approachable yet expert reputation while enticing new clients to join your practice. As with any part of your dentistry, your marketing campaign should not only be sincere but honest, reflecting the service in an accurate manner. If you are not sure where to get started, take a look at our top tips for dental practice marketing.


Dental marketing ideas you need to implement

There are a multitude of marketing methods that are ideal for those looking to retain and strengthen patient relationships. How many you choose from below is up to you – and might depend on the area you are in and the level of competition you face. The more people in your area you reach, the better – but the way in which you reach them does also matter.


Honest and accurate tone

Make sure that whatever marketing material you produce is as accurate as possible. No embellishment or false promises, as this is sure to come back to bite you later. Do not be afraid to show off the positive aspects of your practice, such as understanding staff and modern equipment – so long as this really is part of the service. There is little point gaining clients if they are left disappointed and therefore are not retained. Remember, too, that people will often turn to you when they are in pain or discomfort and they really did not appreciate any further hassle.


A well-designed website

Making a good first impression is key in dental marketing. Your website will likely become your potential patient’s first port of call and therefore, should reflect your practice. You do not want all of your efforts to go to waste once they see the website or click off because the website is hard to navigate.

Rather than overloading the website with media, widgets and other distractions, opt for a professional, organised design. Make sure the design is simple, practical and organised, using a clear drop-down menu system to prevent it from being cluttered. The functionality is just as important as the looks, if not more. Ask yourself – ‘what do the patients need to know’ and make sure the answers to common questions are clearly and succinctly conveyed.


Set up social media pages

As simple as it sounds, creating a social media platform is an essential part of marketing in the digital age. People expect information with a quick tap of their smartphone, which a Facebook profile can offer. At a very basic level, this is how someone can find your contact details, opening hours and location – but you can do more too.

Ensure you post regularly to keep your patients updated with relevant news, as well as taking part in community events if possible. Reply to comments and messages in a friendly yet professional manner as this is an easy way to maintain great relationships with your clientele, as well as gaining new patients. It is your way to show you are sincere.

From sponsoring charity events to interacting with local news, getting involved with the community is another great way of putting your practice out there. Not only that, but it can help build your relationship with your current clientele.


Local advertising and SEO

Utilise search engine optimisation to target potential customers. Use local keywords and search terms when writing content to ensure the right people are finding your page. There are a plethora of advertising tools to assist with this, such as Google AdWords, if you are unsure where to start.

Frame your content and posts so that it is clear where you operate. For example, if you are practising in York, you need people to find you when they Google ‘York dentist’ or ‘dentist in York’.

Do not underestimate the power of the local press either. Newspapers and their accompanying websites offer you the chance to talk to your prospective customers. Consider booking ads – but also do not miss the chance to send press releases if you are expanding, for example, to get some positive PR. Paid-for advertorials also gives you the chance to explain your services in more detail.

Appointment reminders

Gaining new patients is great, but it is equally as important to regularly connect with your long standing clientele. Appointment reminders via text will remind a patient to book in with you, as well as reminding them when to turn up. This engagement is sure to be appreciated by those with busy lives, ensuring regular appointments are kept up and, therefore, retaining your patients. It will also help you to avoid wasting your resources on unfilled appointments.


Email newsletters

Another great method of reaching out to your retained clientele is sending out regular e-newsletters. Whether you send one out weekly, fortnightly or monthly is up to you. This newsletter should contain any practice news such as details of new staff, any changes to opening hours, useful information or advice and any other relevant information. Doing so offers a more personal experience, as well as creating a sense of community with your patients.


Mailed offers

While it may be a more traditional marketing method, mailed newsletters and offers are a great way to keep in touch with your clients. Whether you forgo e-newsletters for a monthly mail out is up to you, but it is an efficient way of keeping in touch with clients and sending out offers on products or services.

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