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We are confident that we can build an indemnity package that perfectly fits the needs of any dentist. Below, we have outlined what is offered in our basic cover and what can be added to your package to build the right membership for you and your working practices.

Z General dentistry

Z 24/7 dentolegal advice

Z Drafting letters to respond to complaints

Z <5 hours a week of restoring single unit implants

Z <5 hours a week of short-term orthodontics

Z <5 hours a week of basic facial aesthetics*

Z Non-clinical legal advice, e.g. HR/employment law

Z Legal representation in court

Z Support for interim orders

Z Basic non-dental legal advice

* Basic facial aesthetics are restricted to botox (frown, forehead, crow’s feet) and dermal fillers (nose to mouth lines, marionette lines and lips including corners of the mouth).

Z Cover for nurses, including clinical negligence

Z Cover for auxiliary staff

Z Vicarious liability (VL) and Non-Delegable Duty of Care (NDOCC)

Z >5 hours a week of restoring single unit implants

Z Restoring multiple connectors, implant placements, sinus lifts/bone grafting

Z >5 hours a week short-term orthodontics

Z >5 hours a week of basic facial aesthetics, advanced facial aesthetics and/or over £50,000 a year gross

Z Investigations and inquiries

Z Costs for HMRC investigations

Z HMRC and personal conduct cover

DDS members who provide treatment to athletes can be assisted if they are faced with claims from such patients. It is important to stress, however, that it is unlikely that we would be able to indemnify a claim made with respect to any losses incurred by a sports club, sponsor, agent or another third party related to a professional or elite athlete.

Members concerned about this kind of claim should, where possible, ensure any contract for work in this area is clear to rule out (or limit) personal liability.

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