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A new kind of MDO only available to General Practitioners

A new kind of MDO

We can help members avoid risk and respond efficiently and quickly to any professional difficulties that may arise



Advisory Service

Our experienced medico-legal advisory team are able to provide expert advise on a wide range of issues. We  also offer free advice on HR and employment law matters. Our in-house team of GPs understand the challenges of modern practice and are able to offer that much needed help and support.



Medical Defense Society offers membership which includes access to legal and professional indemnity*. Our indemnity package meets the legal requirements and standards set by GMC and NHS England including a minimum cover of £10 million.


As a mutual organisation, we exist solely for the benefit of our GP members and no dividends are paid to shareholders. We are able to tailor a membership to meet your practice requirements.


Medical Defense Society will be offering ongoing learning and development opportunities including various training packages and courses to assist all our members in providing a safer medical practice to their patients

Winter Indemnity

Medical Defense Society members are entitled to take part in the NHS England winter indemnity scheme starting on 1st October 2017 until 2nd April 2018

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How to avoid problems in implant placement and/or restoration

How to avoid problems in implant placement and/or restoration

Dental implants are the gold standard to replace missing teeth. For many patients, they provide a more comfortable and well-fitting alternative to dentures and bridgework. Their durability also means they provide a secure anchor for restorations and/or dentures for...

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Avoiding the pitfalls in composite bonding

Avoiding the pitfalls in composite bonding

Composite bonding can be a highly effective way to perform minor cosmetic adjustments such as repairing, reshaping or recolouring teeth. Thin layers of adhesive resin material are attached to the tooth and sculpted to achieve the desired shape and appearance. The...

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