Dental Defence Society

A new kind of MDO that is created by dentists for dentists


We are confident that we can offer a dental indemnity package that suits you and your needs. Whether it is cost, quality, security or personalisation, there are plenty of reasons to choose DDS. Here is what we offer:




By choosing to offer discretionary rather than contractual indemnity, our policies are as affordable and flexible as you need them to be. You will not need to pay the 12% premium tax on insurance and you will not be restricted to issues covered by the terms and conditions of your contract. As dentists ourselves, we know of the cost pressures affecting dentists and want to keep this affordable.



We offer you a tailor-made quote for cover rather than a pre-defined package so you choose what you want covered. Check out our membership page to see a list of what we offer. When calculating your quote, we will take into account the number of hours of each treatment you carry out and give you a price that is fair and reflects your hours.


We combine expert financial cover with insight into dentistry to ensure we deliver the package that is perfect for you. Our occurrence model ensures you don’t need run-off cover, so you will have peace of mind now and in the future.

Legal advice

We offer 24/7 legal advice and want to help. There is no increase to your premium, no matter how many times you call. Dentolegal advice is provided by highly experienced dentolegal lawyers and our package also covers non-clinical dental advice. Indeed, we can even help with basic advice on non-dental inquiries too.

Register your interest in DDS

That is not all, either. As well as all of the above, DDS’ comprehensive service also includes the drafting of response letters so you can react quickly and professionally without having to take too much time out of your busy schedule. We also include Dentinal Tubules membership so you can tap into a vast knowledge bank and learn from your peers – and an easy-to-use member’s portal to allow you to check your invoices and statements whenever you need. Anyone who does not make a claim will receive a discount the following year.

Interested in DDS? Even if you are not looking for a new membership right now, click the button below to register your interest.

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